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I don’t often agree with the views expressed by local media, but I can get behind this Sundays editorial. The church has no business attacking gambling on Sunday in the way that they have done, and the government caving in shows a decided lack of spine, pandering for votes, and little knowledge of how (or perhaps little desire) to balance the rights and interests that arise.


Going to church should not be because you have nothing else to do on Sunday. You should go to church because you have been so inspired by the church elders that your faith is strong and you fight the temptation to pursue more worldly desires.


The Seventh Day Adventists are one of the fastest growing branches of Christianity in the world and already represent a significant percentage of Christians in Jamaica. Combined with the Jews, should they follow the precedent being set and lobby for a ban on horse racing or any activities that take away from the Lords time on Saturday?


Why is it that they can grow their numbers, fill collection bags every Saturday, fill churches and temples every Saturday, build new ones, and never see the need to cry down the rest of society? What makes them so special that they can live and let live and yet their congregation does not suffer?


The answer is simple. As I said above, the elders and pastors of the church must inspire and teach and if their works are true then their congregations will remain righteous. But of course some churches are more intent on filling the collection bags, and THAT is why they are afraid of Sunday horseracing. Perhaps if they spent more time teaching the word of the Lord the congregation would stay regardless of what else is going on in the world.


We will draw up contracts with new immigrants. Newcomers should learn German and uphold values such as freedom of speech and sexual equality, said Commissioner for Immigration Maria Boehmer. Anyone who wants to live here for a long time and who wants to work has to say ‘Yes’ to our country.”


sexual equality



Now pray tell what Jamaicans would do if the USA/UK/Canada ever implemented such a policy? Oh how we love to proudly proclaim our heritage and how morally upstanding we are. Would we give our word and our honor to upholding these values which include “sexual equality” i.e. tolerance and acceptance of homosexuals as a valid and equal part of society (as well as equality between the sexes)? Or, would we stay ah yard?


Given that most Jamaicans have no problem keeping their mouths shut and living and working for extended periods of time in “freaky freaky” foreign, I don’t foresee that we will stop selling ourselves and our morality and our honor for a little cash. Don’t fool yourself, that is exactly what we are doing. If allowing gays to live freely and openly in Jamaica is wrong and immoral and we should not stand for it, then how can you deliberately remove yourself from a God fearing society and go somewhere which stands for such immorality? Is that not hypocrisy and prostitution? STAND UP I say! Do not wait for them to try to legally bind you to your sin, leave any countries which are not on the same page with Jamaican morality NOW.


"Commissioner" Adams setting a very high moral standard



Position one – Kill em all!

Romel Gordon

this is where i am going to say something i dont like to say.. we need blood to run to get this country going.. we need a wake up call… and i mus say a lot of who died by adams hand a true gunmen you cant you what ppl say.. because they will always in favor of their family member


Logical reaction to this:-

Dwight Tyson

police should arrest and bring who they think are criminals before the courts. Mi just see a police man search a school boy in HWT and confiscated the boy’s CD and say boy go on a school before mi box you down, well the last time I checked, having a CD is not illegal, the police dont know what on it suppose it was the boy’s school work or whatever for that matter. and yesterday I saw police and soldiers beat a man till his foot was broken because they stopped him and he didnt stop. I dream then day when the criminals start killing police, because police always terrorise innocent people. I know of police firing and shooting kids, they even kill people brushing them teeth with tooth brush in them hand.


Position two – The Commissioner must be above reproach, say no to extrajudicial killings.


Tarik Zawdie Kiddoe

People? Wake up. Adams is innocent until proven guilty but that is NOT enough and is NOT the only standard to be applied for a post such as Police Commissioner. It is a VERY high post. Let me make two points:
1. There was forensic evidence in the Braeton 7 case. That evidence does NOT support the Police’s description of what happened. In layperson terms? the scientific evidence suggests the cops were lying.

2. There were eye witness accounts in the same incident suggesting MURDER and gross misconduct on the part of the Police.

3. The forensic evidence does not PROVE these eyewitness accounts to be true, BUT the reports suggest that witness accounts are ‘more plausible’ than the police’s story. This is while it suggested that the police account was virtually impossible.

4. Specific aspects of witness accounts are even more worrying to me. The suggestion that two people were TAKEN into the house and executed by police is a HIGHER cause for concern. Even if my conscience allows me to turn a blind eye on the 5 killings in the house of people who killed the principal? The inclusion of the two others CROSSES A LINE and escalates the police act to SERIAL KILLING, with no JUST criteria.

5. There no JUSTICE in the taking of those 2 lives. Again? The scientific evidence does not PROVE this witness account to be true, but suggests that the police are NOT telling the truth. The police’s actions were called into question.

6. In the CRAWL (MAY PEN) incident, forensic evidence also suggested misconduct. However, one new fact was particularly worrying. Evidence suggested that at about 5am in the morning, a member of the police force contacted a particular Kingston businessman (commonly believed to have criminal connections) and acquired an illegal firearm to be used as ‘evidence’ in the case. The problem: HOW WELL DOES A TOP CRIMEFIGHTER HAVE TO KNOW A SHADY BUSINESSMAN to call him at 5am and make such a request? Just the suggestion that this link exists makes me VERY uncomfortable. There is insufficent HARD EVIDENCE to back up this particular last point, so will not take it much further.

A Police Commisioner should be ABOVE REPROACH. The mere fact that there are so many unanswered questions in these two incidents alone, makes adams ineligable for that post, in the same way that a lawyer facing such claims could never dream to be appointed a high court judge. Another example is where a bank clerk is asked to leave a post, because he is suspected to have commited fraud/theft. Until evidence PROVES he did NOT do the act, his employer must act with caution.

Possible Conclusion?

Kamau Thompson

Adams became Commissioner in 2010. Blood flowed through the streets waist high. Sabotaged by a court system that failed to properly prosecute those indicted, Adams constructed his own court in the streets. Adams became the law, the judge was a woman named M16 (rumor has it Adams has been sleeping with her for the past 41 years). Recently M16 got mad when she found out Adams was cheating on her with Glock and started handing out death sentences left right and center… Jamaica started to look like Gaza literally…



Comments from THE facebook group supporting Adams 2010.

The recent surge of violent incidents in high schools has once again brought a flurry of media attention on the problem (not that this is a bad thing). The president of the JTA (Jamaica Teachers Association) Mr. Michael Stewart was being interviewed on the radio a few afternoons ago which I happened to catch. The specific program is irrelevant because the program and interview were generic and predictable. Being a generic and predictable program (forgive the repetition) generic and predictable solutions were suggested. Unfortunately generic and predictable solutions don’t work, or else we would not be in the position which we are in at this time.

It’s very ironic that we adopt all the hype things from foreign yet we ignore the lessons learned from their mistakes. The USA is no stranger to school shootings yet we are making the EXACT same mistakes that the USA initially made in trying to deal with it. They brought in the zero tolerance policy where one offence got you expelled and while I’m not sure if we took it that far, zero tolerance was definitely a buzzword and policy in our education system up to last year. Anyway, the next move was to make stricter laws for juvenile offenders, and that was the generic and predictable solution suggested to Mr. Stewart. Thankfully he didn’t affirm that it was an option that was being seriously considered.

Jermaine: Yow waah gwaan?

Chucky: Nuttin much man

Jermaine: Mi hear seh yuh get kick down by some yute wha day?

Chucky: Yeh, I mi ago slice up him face at school tomorro!

Jermaine:  Naw man! dem change di law, so yuh goin get charge as an adult and not as pickney, suh yuh goin get some more time lock up.

Chucky: Fi real?! Yow tanks for telling me, I coulda deal wid di 10 years easy easy but 15! No sah!

It makes perfect sense to some people that a child who is aggravated enough to commit a deliberate violent act at school, knowing they will be caught since everyone knows them, is going to care about a harsher sentence. Mhmm!

Stricter laws for juveniles and the zero tolerance policy will both fail because neither approach teachs children right from wrong, neither approach teaches them alternative methods of dealing with whatever problems they are having, and neither approach gives them an outlet to deal with their frustrations.

In fact these policies are detrimental to society in the long run because we aren’t helping these children become better people. We are marginalizing them and locking them away only to turn them loose again as adults with all the issues they had as a child in addition to feeling alienated by society.

boxing pic

I don’t believe in talking for the sake of hearing my own voice, nor do I critique others if I cannot suggest a better way. Here is the better way 1- social education programs like PALS. (whatever happened to PALS?) 2- give the children an outlet. It is ridiculous to believe that all problems can or will be talked out. Accept this and set up boxing rings so that students can learn a sport, learn discipline, and take their differences to the ring in a controlled manner with rules and gloves and referees. British schools used to have it, and are returning to it again, and we should definitely give it a shot.